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Marty Schiff, Martina McBride and Kev

Is that? Could that be? It is! That's Martina McBride and her brother Marty Schiff standing with
the Publisher of the Gyp Hill Premiere Kevin Noland? They are so lucky to know him!
All joking aside, Marty and Kev are buds. Martina and Marty grew up around the Medicine
Lodge area and have known Kevin (me) for a long time!

Garth and Kev
Well, he does have friends in low places. This was probably the thrille of his life
meeting someone this famous and have a picture to prove it. After Garth got
his pictures developed, he even made one for Kev!
While hanging with Marty at a show that Martina opened for Garth, Kev got to
slip in and hang with Garth Brooks.

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