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The following are just a few of the photos we have that we want to share with our friends and family. 

We'll be adding photos asap! These are just a few to start with. Thanks for visiting!!!!

Kevin and Ronda in Nassau
Peace Treaty 2000
Disney World 2000
Formal Night in Grand Cayman
Our House
Kevin in His Office
Out at Sea
Trumpet Swans
Nick and His Toys
Paul Raberding - Just A Funny Guy

Joey Missing Teeth
Nick and Dad Resting
Dad's Truck
Nicholas at Easter
Cowboy Joey
Breeann Playing Ball
Dennis and Nicholas

The kids at the pond

Santa Sux!

Nicholas can drive!

Uncle Ronnie and Nick

I can crawl!

Balls and more balls!

Tunnel Vision?

Sgetti is good!

Nicholas 1998

Kevin loves fish!

Nicholas and Computers

Kevin goes to jail

Ronda goes to jail

The kids and dad


Ryan at Easter

Aunt Rhonda

Joey, don't miss the bus!

All the kids less Riston

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