Welcome to the Cyber Lodge. 

Within the rooms of the "Lodge" you will learn about who we are, our favorite recipes, some original works done by our members and more.   Browse around, sign our guestbook and if you are interested in stopping by our chat room, we'd love to have you visit.  New members are always welcome.  If you enjoy trivia, we have Wednesday Trivia night at the Lodge.  The time is 8:30 EST.  Give it a try, come on over. 

You must first have PowWow loaded, then go to the "join community" area.  Once there, type in einstein @ cyberlodg.com

(Notice there is no "e" at the end of cyberlodg.com)

After January 18th, when PowWow is no more, we will be at Hyperchat.

Please step inside.




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