(Can you find Waldo?)


I'm always getting into trouble because I'm leaving someone out so this year I decided to make a collage of everyone. BUT if you have helped and are not in the picture, it's because I do not have a picture of you. So instead of getting mad and bitching, just send me your picture and I'll be more than happy to add you to this page. I want to thank each and every one who has helped in any way.

Everyone that is pictured (in alphabetical order):

Bill Whittaker - helps in shop and at the track
Buddy Daniel - helps at the track & drives the #91 factory stock
Caren Winchell - crew chief, wife, mother, bookkeeper for an oilfield company,
Chris McCarthy - our oldest son, senior at Kansas State University, helps out when he's home
Curtis McLemore - helps in the shop & track
Dale Winchell - driver, husband, father, owner-operator truck driver
Earl Whitley - helps at the shop & track, drives the #14 streetstock, provides us with a place to work on the race
cars and crash when we stay at Enid
Gary & Jean Winchell - Mom & Dad, helps at the shop & track, drives the 13 mini stock
Gary Cliff - helped got us started, taught both Dale & I a lot about racing, is building cars now
Greg Miller - helps at the shop & track, has pulled an occasional all nighter with us to help get us to the track
Harold Shaw - helps at the track and where ever is needed, flag man this year at Enid Speedway
Jeff Keller - helps at the track
Jerry Derr - built both streetstocks, answers a lot of questions & helps at the track
Jody & Josie Winchell - brother & sister-in-law, helps at the shop & track, drives the 69J mini stock
John Hoeltzel - does our front end work & helps at the track
Larry Shaw - helps at the track, drives the #25 streetstock
Mike Tharp - builds our motors, helps out with everything from the shop to the track, from tuning motors to
answering a whole lot of questions from Caren
Norman Koehn - builds our motors, helps every Saturday night at the track
Randy Thomas - started out an internet friend but has became a racing friend, drives the #00 factory stock,
#00 streetstock, & #00 modified, is one of my sounding blocks when I need help
Randy Thompson - helps in shop and at track, drives the #25 mini stock
Robert Thompson - helps works on the cars when he's done working on his (3X & 3T
mini stock), helps where ever he is needed and as long as needed, is really good at making Caren's ideas work
Sid, Chris, & Josh Brooks - Life long friends, drives the 87 mini stock, helps at the shop & track
Steve Hoeltzel - does our front end work & comes to the track every Saturday night to cheer us on
Terry & Tim - helps at the track, pit crew for Larry Shaw #25
Todd Decker - helps at the track & drives the #98 prostock
Todd Winchell - our youngest son, 17 yrs old, pit crew

And a very big THANKS to all our 1999 sponsors. If you happen to be in their city, please stop by and visit them.

Tharp Liquor - Medicine Lodge, Ks 316-886-3113
Dark Oil Co. - Medicine Lodge, Ks. 316-886-3766
Norman's Racing Engines - Helena, Ok 580-852-3260
Forbes Auto Supply - Medicine Lodge, Ks. 800-559-5651
T & W Tire - Enid, Ok. 800-375-1307
H-40 Drilling - Medicine Lodge, Ks 316-886-3055
Belleville Motorsports - Belleville, Ks 785-527-5080
Beckham Motorsports - Enid, Ok 580-234-5600
Sign-It-Signs - Enid, Ok 580-548-7645
Mike Hoffman Photography, Enid, Ok 580-541-5970