Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a happy couple named Dale and Caren. They had been happily married for several years and lead a fairly normal life. Dale was a truck driver and was gone most of the week but was usually home on weekends. Caren worked an 8 to 5 job and stayed home to take care of the kids. Horses took up most of Caren's spare time. They were her love and she spent hours riding, grooming, and hauling kids to horse shows. Most of the horse shows were on Saturday or Sundays so she wasn't home much on week-ends. Dale's love was a race car. He spent most of his spare hours off the road working on it and preparing to race every Saturday night. The first year went by fast. Everyone was very busy, involved in their own little world. Their own little worlds that was not shared by each other. Soon this happy couple began to drift apart. Each of their lives had taken a different turn. Since the only time they had for each other was week-ends and their week-ends were spent apart following different interests, their marriage was in trouble. The second racing season had rolled around. All the pit crew from the previous year had bought their own race cars. No one left to help. The car was not handling. Nothing worked. Dale grew very frustrated with racing and his marriage. It was time in Caren's life for a real big reality check. She had to decide between her horses, which had been her love since she was a little girl, or her husband, her lover, her best friend. As most fairy tales go, the princess picked her handsome prince. The horses were packed up and put out to pasture. The race car manuals came out and the studying began. Dale was driving down the road most of the week and didn't have time to figure out why the car was not handling. So the job was up to Caren. BUT she didn't know the difference between a crankshaft and a U-joint. She read everything concerning dirt track stock car racing she could find. At first, she didn't know what she was reading, but soon she found she was elbow deep in grease instead of knee deep in horse shit. And the rest is history. Soon she became as at home at the race track as he was in the horse pen. Racing became HER passion also. And they lived happily ever after racing TOGETHER, working TOGETHER, and loving TOGETHER.

The moral of this story is (as most fairy tales go)......................WIVES - don't let racing (or anything else your husband is interested in) come between you and him. As the old saying goes "If you can't beat them, join them". Let his passion become your passion. I learned, so can you. And if you're not willing to share his passion, then don't blame me or get jealous or mad when he comes over to our shop or house several times a week because I can talk his language and listen to what he has to say. I am no threat to you or anyone else except at a race track. The only affair I am having is with a gray Buick Regal or a gray Modified that has a pink #47 painted on it's side.