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Nestled in a valley east of the spectacular Gypsum Hills is the historic town of Medicine Lodge, so named for the "medicine lodges" built by the Kiowa Indians when they discovered the healing qualities of the Medicine River. A reproduction of these lodges can be found in the Stockade Museum. The Museum displays a multitude of photographs and artifacts which help tell the fascinating story of Medicine Lodge and the surrounding area. Adjacent to the museum is the Carry Nation Home, rich with the memories of the zealous woman who led the campaign against the evils of liquor.

Each year, this community of around 2500 people hosts a number of events, here are but a few of the highlights:

The state's top high school rodeo stars compete in the exciting Kansas High School Rodeo during the last weekend of April. Impressive horsemanship and athleticism combine as these young people vie for top honors in traditional rodeo events.

Every May, hundreds of people from across the country gather for unforgettable weekends on the scenic Gyp Hills Trail Rides which take them over the same paintbrush region where the Indians roamed. Imagine stark red bluffs and buttes, flecked with white gypsum and capped with deep green cedar trees. Hear the legend of Flower Pot Mountain, see the rugged Twin Peaks, and cross creeks bearing names like Little Bear, Deadman, and Little Mule.

The second weekend in May also spotlights the vivid colors of the Spring WildFlower Tour. Mother Nature surprises and delights at every turn. Whether you choose to take the organized tour or to strike out on your own, be sure to bring your camera and plenty of film!

As summer winds to its end, the pace picks up in Medicine Lodge. The last weekend of September celebrates Indian Summer Days with a wide variety of activities which may range from an arts and crafts fair to a melodrama by local performers, to the Western Art Show which features many of the finest western artists in America. Also that weekend is the Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo, a showcase of the best working cowboys from twelve of the oldest ranches in Kansas. This rodeo leaves you with a deep appreciation of the talents these cowboys possess as they compete in events which depict their rigorous everyday work.

To see a panoramic history of the area, don't miss the Indian Peace Treaty Pageant. The pageant reenacts the signing of the 1867 Peace Treaty between the United States Government and the five Great Plains Indians tribes: the Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Apache. Held once every three years during the last weekend in September, the pageant and its related activities become truly a community event. From the early morning until late at night, there is something going on: Indian dances, parades, craft shows, street dances, night shows, food sales, and lots more!