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Fun Facts about Medicine Lodge

What was the present day girl scout house? The Methodist Parsonage.
Where was the old football field? Where Arensdorf Trucking's old location is and Moody body shop is now.
Where was the old jail that the Bank Robbers were held before hung? 1st National Bank drive through on E. Kansas.
What years were the worst tornadoes in M.L.? 1907 & 1927.
Who did Carry Nation give credit for his charities in M.L.? C.Q. Chandler, former owner of 1st National Bank and founder of 1st National Bank in Wichita.
When were the streets paved with brick? 1929
When was M.L. Started?
Established 1873 incorporated as a city in 1879.
What year did M.L. hold a suffrage contest in M.L.? 1892 Susan B. Anthony was to present her book, History of Womens Suffrage.
Where is Dr. Kocile’s now and where was it located years ago? Was where Dr. Strack’s & Bob Gilmore’s office is now. House is now located next to Garry Wright on North Main.
Where was the old Swimming pool? North of the current water tower.
Where was the old race track? Across from Cedar Crest Manor.
Where was the Poor Farm? Across from Miller’s trailer park on Curry Lane.
Where did the original highway go through town? North it went down main street then West on stolp to Slinkard Oil.
Where did the pageant grounds come from? The Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant is held at memorial Peace Park 1 1/2 miles east of town on Highway 160. This area, covering a quarter section, was presented to the Peace Treaty Association by the late Mr. E. S. Rule, of Wichita.
Rule was born on June 26, 1867 and died October 7, 1950 in Wichita, KS.
A state historical marker, dedicated in 1952, stands near the entrance of the Medicine Lodge Golf Course.