Attitude is
 A Droplet of
 Anti Poetry
volume 2
of the Heart
 I'll See You When
I Get There
 In Nowhere
 It Doesn't
Interest Me
 Letting Go Is
Hard To Do
 Life Is A
 Love Remains
 The Most Beautiful
 Play #4
 Reflections of
a Mother
 The Valley of
 White Cotton &
 Pink Ribbon
 With Friends
Like Me
 A Musical
 A Droplet of Heaven

A droplet of Heaven...............

Within the continuance of my day, I have completed one point in my schedule and too early for the next appointment. Driving toward the direction of the next activity, I pull up to one of the city's parks. Turning off the engine, but still behind the wheel, as though retaining control of the machine that surrounds me in my journey. I sit quietly, thinking of the day ahead, what is to remain. But utmost the changes that my life has recently taken, the revolutions of my world.

The day is warm for the season. Allowing the snow from the previous weekend to melt a bit. Most of it already gone now, just the mounds that were plowed to a corner and a bit on the untouched areas where the brightness of the sun is shaded by the trees...... and the buildings.

Seeing the young people returning home from school. Some of them coming to the park. The older one's on the half court with a basketball. The tots quickly fill the swings. Yet still other's abounding the jungle jim and the monkey bars. Enjoying life without a worry.

My eye is caught by the rushing of the water running down the curb to the corner. I try to focus on a single droplet and follow it's path. Thinking to myself, where is it bound for and in such a hurry? What will be it's destiny? Where did it's path begin and from what part of heaven did it float from? Where will it end up and what kind of obsticals will it incounter along it's journey?.........Will it end up nourchering a plant, a field, a blade of grass? Or will it end up within the systems that mortal man has created?

I can no longer hear the sounds of the play. I no longer can feel the beams of sunlight placing it's warmth on the surroundings. I can no longer hear the sounds of the sparrows, enjoying and chanting the happiness that there song seems to share with us. My soul focus on that bead of water. That one single droplet of God's hand.

I can only see the similarities between the droplet, and the turns in my life. Seeing myself as that bead. What part of heaven did I come from?.......I settle on this creation for a short time, like the flake of snow. Then as time passes and my life is altered by changes and mortal immages, I begin my lifes destiny. Sometimes running with such speed that nothing seems to be able to stop me, be in my path....Then, suddenly I hit head on, one of life's many obsticals.... Most of them I work my way around and continue past them, leaving a small amount of myself a memory. Where is destiny to take me now?.......Where am I bound for?..... What other obsticals will I incounter along my path?......Will I become nourishment to the fields of life?..........Will I help someone else to grow?...........Pondering as to what my destiny truely is......What God has in store for me..............Remembering that I am only that one single droplet in this maze we refer to as life......Yet, remembering that God's focus is so accute....I can feel his hand in mine when I am disturbed........I sense his vision as he guides my path.........He knows I am here I have value, purpose and above all, destiny to abound for.......Yet to mortal man, I am only that small droplet, running my course of life.......leaving parts of me behind........sharing in specified areas with several others and adding to the growth in their lives....

I will continue my path............go on with my journey .............. retaining my value.....if only to remain a droplet of moisture from heaven...........




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