Attitude is
 A Droplet of
 Anti Poetry
volume 2
of the Heart
 I'll See You When
I Get There
 In Nowhere
 It Doesn't
Interest Me
 Letting Go Is
Hard To Do
 Life Is A
 Love Remains
 The Most Beautiful
 Play #4
 Reflections of
a Mother
 The Valley of
 White Cotton &
 Pink Ribbon
 With Friends
Like Me
 A Musical

Tis, the early morning hours. The glow of the moon's shining smile, still glistening over the waters to the west. His face abundant with the night's calmness. Is just before the dawning of a new day, and is almost time for him and the stars to sleep, as the sun will be peeking soon. The night has been clear, quiet. The stars assisting in watching over us, as this part of the world has rested. The air is cool, with the breezes brushing softly against the trees.

It's time for the house to begin to open it's eyes. As things begin to stur, one by one, the sleepiness still showing, each begins their preparations for the day. All struggling over the smallest room in the house, searching for the needed accessories, combs, brushes, make-up, all abounding this little room that everyone is needing for personal preparations.. All requiring the total maximum time for readying themselves.

The smells from the kitchen begin to fill the house. The sound of bacon sizzling, the aroma of the blueberries blanketed by the muffins in the oven. The things that mom only knows to make special on this day of celebration.

Girls, their hair abound with ribbons and curls, dresses ever so primped. Boys, in shirt and tie, with moisture still in their hair, making sure every lock is in place. All surround the table, taking their appropriate places, adjoining hands and giving thanks for the blessings that surround them. This is not an everyday depiction, scheduling is to variable, but this is a day of celebration. This is the day or resurrection. This is the day of Easter.

Clearing the table, as each prepares for their journey. The young one's beginning to spat over seating in the car, yet the all know to settle in their usual place's. Driving to a chosen spot. The moon still a glow, guiding their way. Greeted by the other's as they arrive. The conversations are idol chit chat, as all await the peeking of the sun. The darkness beginning to disipate, noting the clear cast of the sky's. Such a wonder. Such a beauty in the meek blue that they begin to see. All watching to the east in the gathering as the glow begins to change. Now, able to see the dew on the grass. A bit of chill in the air unnoticed due to the warmth of the people around.

The first beam, the first ray, the first casting of direct light now peeks to the east, as they sing the praises of their saviour. Feeling their songs echo thru the grasses, the deer stopping with in the light to share in the joy of the day.

The sun fully risen now, as the same with the resurrection of Christ. We celebrate this day as one of spirit and love, as joy and happiness. With family and friends. Cause, God did so love this World that he Gave His Only Son........................

Is a shame that mortality has changed things so. Hectic schedules, loss of quality family time. Lack of regular spiritual sharing. Is such a busy world we have become. Is like sometime, on the holidays of spiritual celebration, we attempt to catch up on what we have left out, what we have forgotten, what we have been asked to do. Family, friends drawing closer together for such times. Why do we have to choose this days to only catch up. These holidays are a special time, a time for special praises, not just a time for regaining days gone by. Give your self only a moment from each day, to consider what your spirituality is, what your expectations are, how it effects the outcomes in your life and the lives of the one's you love. Cause, in the lives of so many you are abundantly loved.
My love to you all



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