Attitude is
 A Droplet of
 Anti Poetry
volume 2
of the Heart
 I'll See You When
I Get There
 In Nowhere
 It Doesn't
Interest Me
 Letting Go Is
Hard To Do
 Life Is A
 Love Remains
 The Most Beautiful
 Play #4
 Reflections of
a Mother
 The Valley of
 White Cotton &
 Pink Ribbon
 With Friends
Like Me
 A Musical
 Anti Poetry Volume 2

This volume #2 of my Anti-Poetry. Nobody really knows what happened to  #1, though, of course, we suspect some kind of supra-human intervention. Volume #3 is currently in progress and should be finished just before I start volume #4.

                                  If you were a hampster,
                                      and I was a rake,
                                   we'd sing all day long,
                                  and drink from the lake.
                                  I'd hold you in my bosom;
                                   so sweetly you'd rest,
                                     until the day came,
                                   where I could sell you
                                  for $1.25 to support my
                                   Liquid Tide addiction.

                            I spotted you across a crowded room,
                            your hair gently caressing your cheek,
                             I knew that I could make you mine,
                                 but upon closer inspection,
                                        I realized,
                                          that you
                                      were my mother.
                                          Hi mom.


                            You said our love could stand the test,
                                     but we both knew,
                        underneath our bug puffy multi-coloured hats,
                     that one bad game of Yhatzee would destroy us both.


                         There is absolutely nothing I love about you.
                                      Please kindly die.


                                Upon the rolling hills so green,
                      I hid beneath the shadows of the towering giraffes,
                      who never should have been there in the first place.
                       Come to think of it, they weren't even giraffe's.
                         They were very yellow, though. I like yellow.
                                       Lend me $20.

                              Tears of Madness
                               The horror lept into your eyes,
                                      as I stood there,
                               holding up our brand new fetus.
                            Sorry I dropped him. He was slippery.

                                If you were covered in blood,
                                    I would still love you.
                                          A little.
                             You'd probably make me vomit a lot.

                                   The Yearning
                             Screams of hoor encompass my mind,
                               and all I can think about it you.
                            Desperate passion consumes my heart,
                               and all I can think about is you.
                                          Shut up.

                         REMEMBER KENYA
                             How can I express, with mere words,
                                   how much I love thee?
                        Surely I can only imply, allude, but not explain
                                   your place in my heart
                           perhaps you shall understand when I say,
                                 that if you were crucified,
                            I would Pine-Sol your cross everyday,
                         so when the dogs ate your legs and the ravens
                         pulled out your eyes, they would first pause,
                                          and say
                    "what a nice cross, this person must really be something
                                    special to someone",
                                     and I would smile,
                              and dream of deep green orchards.

                               Cranberry Mothra

                                       Never thought
                            REALLY - about what it would be like
                               to own a kitten as soft (so soft)
                                     as a kitten like you
                            So small, vulnerable, unsafe you were
                                  such a small little kitten
                                 in my arms - oh to feed you
                                wheat and to watch you grow,
                            watch you become large and beautiful,
                                     but always so soft.
                          I shall not regret swallowing you, soft cat.
                                LIVE NEXT TO MY LIVER.



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