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Hoot Owl was born a little fledgling in N.E. Alabama and poor as dirt. As poor as Flit even lol. The Owl made his escape from total poverty through a short stay with the U.S. Air Force and then afterward by working for a moving van company (office work). The both of them gave me the opportunity to live in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Nebraska. Yep, right next door to EZ2PLZ. We were virtually neighbors at one time and didn't even know it. My travels have led me almost all over the U.S., including Hawaii, San Juan, Santo Domingo and Tokyo. At one time I could speak enough Japanese to go places, order food and lodging. Now I barely do speak good English (American) and at times have trouble typing hehehe.
Just recently, my wife and I had a tour of Ontario, Canada. The trip gave me the opportunity to meet Redneck Girl in person and then on to Canada and a wonderful visit with Carla and a meeting with Roadmap.

If you want to know what I think about these people, read my "Current Projects" page on my Home Page.

Well, like all fledglings, the Owl has grown up now and has a few years on him (like EZ haha). I hope I am a bit wiser with the age. My family and I came back home to Alabama after the loss of my wife's dad and the aging of our remaining parents. We finished raising our two lovely daughters here, put them through college and got them both married off (still paying for that too). Well at 54 years of age now, I'm not dirt poor anymore, unless it rains, then I'm mud poor hahaha. After many years of hard work, I'm finally doing what I like best, writing. I work in a large industrial plant that employs about 750 people. I work in the training department as a technical writer with another man. That means I write training material for the plant workers. Just recently I have been given the job of teaching these people how to read and use their training material. Who better than the one that wrote it they said lol. This is a big task and is now requiring me to work a lot of extra time to get the job done.
Internet service here in my area was all long distance and kept me off the NET until around June of 95. I first found a chat program called mIRC and with it, began chatting with Cowgirl in Texas. A friend that I work with told me about Powwow and I downloaded it around September of 95 and found myself in the DewDrop Inn. It was the friendliest room I had found during the search and I was immediately made welcome by 3 friends I will never forget = Cliffhanger, Mystic and Lovebird. I told Cowgirl about it and she came into the Dew with me. As time went on, I met more and more people and grew to know and love each one. Well maybe with a couple of exceptions <eg>. The rest is history, like you nice people, I moved to the Lodge when the Dew was overran with adolescents. Mystic = HEY MOM, I'M HOME.


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