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Okay, okay, okay......Who, or what, is Spikey...........

Spikey, is but a figment of your imagination.....No not really.......I guess I am Spikey. My nick name, Spikey, is also my real life nick name. I have had this nick almost as long as I have had my name. A lot of people here, only know me as Spike. By the way, Spikey is not a hair thing. It's a depiction from my dog business...lol Real life name is unusual and somewhat difficult to pronounce. My name, Vergetta, settled a family argument some 94 years ago in the naming of my grandmother....

I was a Christmas baby, in 1959, born December 23th and came home just in time for the holiday opening of mom's newest gift to the family. I am the baby of 5 children, and for those of you who don't know already......Spikey is female (ooops, hold on gotta check something, wait, hold on, checking, ummmm no thanks guys, can do this one myself, ummm yep, birth certificate says, female.) My family moved to western Nebraska in 1964, as my father had become ill, and needed to be away from the area where we lived just outside of Los Angeles, (Buena Park) for those of you who know the area. I always said I have lived here since 1964 and hated it since 1963. Being a young child and that close to Disney Land, Marine Land and Knott's Berry Farm, then up and moving to the open plains of Nebraska..........AKKKKK!!! But, with today's world is a great place to raise a family. Which by the way, I have 2 girls, oldest is 16 going on 3 and youngest is 11 going on 19......LOL LOL

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a lover of animals. First love was horses, but Mom said NO!.....So, we substituted with a dog. A German Shepherd, a small German Shepherd. We settled on her name being Bingo, only to settle the argument with my middle brother as he wanted to name her "Lips"..........Again, my mom said, NO!!..."When that dog is out and I go to call her back, I am not going to holler out the back door, Here Lips, Here Lips, Come on Lips." We settled for Bingo...................

She was my bud........my total companion.....my best friend and she was the greatest.. I started showing her in 4-H when I was 12. She was unbeatable.....Also, bouncing back and forth in Grand and Reserve with one other friend in my 4-H club, that had a Sheltie. She retired from the show ring, after 6 wonderful years, with 39 Grand Champions, and 17 Reserve Champ.

After my graduation from High School, I went on to study at the local Jr. College. Working toward a major in Accounting and a minor in Criminal Justice....I was putting myself thru college, with my job at the County Sheriff's Department. After a year of college, I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming and took a position with a local guard dog agency. Began, as an aggressor, (dogs would attack me). I got my recognition as a Dog Trainer thru this company, doing contract work in training for the Air Force and the Police K-9 units. Since that time, after returning home, I now teach household obedience, work with 4-H groups here in NE and WY, groom (privately), do entertainment shows for schools and nursing homes.....But, the true love of my life, is the travel and the prestige of being in the show ring....I contract dogs from owners, train them, groom and handle them. I have showed primarily within my area, NE, WY, CO, SD, with once in NM and in TX....I prefer the larger breeds, but have placed (pointed), with 51 different breeds/varieties........Want the list?....LOL The picture of me in here, is of a show in Rapid City, SD, with a 17 month old St. Bernard pup, Max-a-million XXIX CGC. Was at the end of a 3 day event and he went Best of Breed all three days. I was very tired and was not prepared to have my picture taken for the catalog. But is the most current picture of me.

My other hobbies and interests include: Bowling, (Tuesday a.m. & p.m., Thursdays, Friday, Coaching the kids on Saturdays, and with my youngest daughter on Sundays......but is only a hobbie..LOL I grew up with a rifle instructor for a father, and am currently a 5th bar sharpshooter with the NRA, and a life time member of the West Nebr. Sportsman's Assoc. so, don't ever challenge me to duck hunt on Nintendo...LOL LOL

In Jan. of 1997, I was injured at my part time job, and am currently on medical leave from my dogs. Hopefully, someday................well........ Shortly after my accident, my other half NERyder, down loaded a chat program for me on the computer. It was the beginning of Spikey on Powwow. Powwow has become my outside link to the world of people contact that I seem to have lost in being injured. Has been at times somewhat a means of survival. Cause, If I had a rose for everytime a powwow friend has uplifted me, I could walk in my garden forever..............



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